Types of Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is another name for online marketing. Connecting
with consumers to sell products using the Internet and other sources
of digital communication is called digital marketing.

This includes methods such as email marketing, social media
marketing, and website advertising. Other marketing channels include
text messages and multimedia messages in the same category.

Types of Digital Marketing:

1. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a very superior method for a digital marketing
campaign. But in recent times this method is becoming obsolete.
Email marketing is still the most effective marketing tool today if used

regularly. Email marketing requires you to create a list of email
addresses of your customers, audience.

Also, create content for sending emails that is very engaging and
inspiring. By doing this, your customers will definitely be attracted to
you. Remember that email lists are a valuable asset for you. With the
help of these lists, you can achieve extraordinary success in the sale
of your products.

2. Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is the most important type of digital
marketing. Many businesses have achieved great results by running
campaigns through social media marketing. There are two types of it,
the first type is called paid marketing and the second type is called
organic. By using both types, you can achieve great success in digital

Talking about social media platforms, Facebook Ad Manager is
called the most effective digital marketing platform. Here you can
market your products by paying a very small amount. Likewise,
LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are very helpful platforms
for social media marketing.

3. Video Marketing

Using video content to promote your brand and products is called
video marketing. You can place video ads on YouTube, Facebook,

Twitter and other platforms to promote your products. So very good
results can be achieved.

However, it is important that your video content is of high quality and
quality. Digital marketing experts believe that video marketing is the
easiest and most effective technique of digital marketing.

A visitor who wants to watch a movie or listen to music on YouTube
can be shown an ad for your brand even if he does not want to. If you
have done good planning before starting your campaign, and set your
goals. If yes, you will definitely get better results.

Remember that you will get the desired results only if the video
quality of your video ads is good. Otherwise, your marketing
investment will be wasted.

4. Search Engine Marketing:

Although the method of search engine marketing is very old and
traditional, it is still very effective and efficient. In this method,
companies that advertise their products place their ads in the Google
search engine and Bing search engine. When visitors enter their
desired queries in these search engines, these ads are shown at the
top of the search.

5. Paid Advertising:

Paid advertising is also a type of digital marketing in which different
brands and products are advertised using different advertising platforms.

With the help of this method, the product can be marketed on a very
small budget and the profit can be increased by increasing the sales
of the company. For this purpose, you can use Google Ads, and
Facebook Ad.

Apart from this, you can do paid advertising on other social media
platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. Among them, Facebook is
considered to be the cheapest and most effective platform with a
reach of billions of people. Many small businesses have grown
through paid advertising and have now grown into large business

6. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company pays
third-party publishers in exchange for providing traffic, and support for
product sales. This payment is done in the form of commissions and
incentives. Amazon is the best example of affiliate marketing.

Various bloggers and website owners advertise various products on
their sites under the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program and in
return get paid for the sale of Amazon products۔This compensation
sometimes reaches millions of rupees. Usually, Amazon pays up to
20% commission to website owners.

In some cases, a special commission is paid in case of unusual sales.
Similarly, the example of eBay is also in front of us. eBay is one of
the largest affiliate marketing platforms in the world. Like Amazon, it
also offers attractive commissions to its partners for selling products.

7. Content Marketing:

Content marketing refers to a marketing method in which content is
created and shared across various websites and social media
platforms. Content sharing not only increases brand awareness but
also increases sales of a company's products.

Content marketing helps a lot in attracting audiences to your
products and website. If we talk about examples of content
marketing, it includes media including newsletters, social media
posts, podcasts, and videos.

All of these forms of content have the same goal of providing your
audience with as much information about brands and products as
possible. Buy K's products with full confidence and trust.

8. Audio Marketing:

Audio marketing is a type of marketing that uses sound to promote
your brand. Audio marketing can be used for brand promotion, sale of
products, and promotion of services to achieve great results in digital
marketing. It is a powerful tool that helps you achieve goals easily
and reach your target audience easily.

Audio marketing is completely different from other forms of marketing,
but it is a powerful tool whose importance cannot be denied.
Podcasts, radio, audio ads, audio blogs, and audio articles, are the best
examples of audio marketing.

Audio marketing has countless benefits that you can use to get great
results in promoting your brand. A large number of people in
European countries listen to the radio and audio marketing in these
countries has very useful results.

9. Mobile Marketing:

In mobile marketing, products, and services are promoted with the
help of mobile devices. After the advent of smartphones, mobile
marketing has become very important. Many businesses have
achieved great success in promoting their brand by doing mobile

According to a recent survey, users spend 89% of their time on
mobile using various apps. Meanwhile, they can be attracted very
easily through mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a very easy and
cheap medium as compared to other marketing methods.

If we compare mobile marketing methods with TV advertisements, it
is clear. It turns out that mobile marketing costs are negligible. There
are many types of mobile marketing among which SMS is the most
popular and cheapest medium.

Other methods of mobile marketing include mobile app marketing,
voice marketing, mobile banner ads, and Bluetooth marketing. By
doing the best mobile marketing using these methods, you can
promote your business brilliantly and grow your business.

10. Virtual Reality Marketing:

Thus, Virtual marketing is simply a marketing strategy that incorporates
virtual technology into a marketing campaign. In this regard, we can
give the example of Instagram filters and Snapchat filters.

Using a 3D Mouse for Virtual Marketing happens. Apart from this,
many accessories are also used including motion controllers, optical
trackers and wired gloves.

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Types of Digital Marketing Conclusion:

By employing different types of digital marketing various companies
can achieve unprecedented success to promote their business.
Digital marketing has provided many options for online business
promotion. Now it is our struggle how we get their support and try to
grow the business.

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