How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

How do I Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post?

If you have created a blog site and want to write content for it, you must do keyword research first. If you don’t do keyword research, you won’t know what topics will be useful for me to write about.

How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts?

By doing keyword research, you will be able to know which keywords I should use in writing the content. Also writing these keywords will help me rank the site. Make a list of focus keywords and keep it with you. Then you start writing.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts
How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

By following the following tips, you will see a lot of improvement in your blog post writing.

Writing Tips for How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts:

  1. Think, before writing a post:

You should think carefully before starting blog writing. Think about the purpose of writing your blog. What do you want to tell your readers? It would be better for you to collect information related to your desired topic by searching in Google search engine, and then start writing.

Think, before writing a post
Think, before writing a post
  1. Create a structure for your post:

If you want to write content for your site that is both readable and SEO friendly, then you need to create a clear site structure for this purpose. This means that the post you are going to write should have the following features.

  • be sure to write a short introduction at the beginning of the article about the topic you want to write a post about.
  • Body of the post:

The main message is written in the body of the post.

  • Conclusion:

It summarizes the main idea of ​​the post.

Now, in the three lines below, explain in a few sentences what you want to say in the three sections of the post. Now your post summary is done and it will be very helpful for you to write a readable and structured blog post.

  1. Use paragraphs and headings:

By using paragraphs well, you can write great content. Everyone knows how to use paragraphs but not everyone knows how to use paragraphs well for content writing. Keep in mind the following guidelines for using paragraphs and headings and sub-headings.

  • Don’t start every new sentence on a new line, even though it might seem tempting to do so.
  • Don’t make paragraphs unnecessarily long; keep them as short as possible. Keeping paragraphs too long can cause the reader to get bored and leave the site page. The reader will not feel bored because the paragraph is short.
  • You should state the main idea of ​​the paragraph in one sentence.
  • Maximize the use of headings. Using headings will make it easier for readers to know what the text is about.
  • If you want people to read your articles carefully and like them, it is recommended that you use as many headings and sub-headings as possible.
  • Subheadings also give post readers an understanding of the structure of your articles.
  • These greatly improve the readability of the post and are also very helpful from the SEO point of view.
  • Using headings makes it easier for readers to understand what this particular section of text is about.
  • Make it mandatory to use keywords in headings and sub-headings. But remember that using keywords in each heading is not mandatory.
  1. Use transition words in the content:

Writing content using transition words makes it easier for readers to understand the content. It also helps to understand the relationship between the sentences of the paragraph. For example, if we say to someone that the t-shirts made by your company are of very high quality and standard.

There are three reasons why a T-shirt is of high quality. The words we can use to explain this sentence are as follows.

First, however, so, etc.

The above words are called transition words. By using these words, readers can easily understand what the speaker wants to say.

  1. Use related keywords for writing post:

You should only use relevant keywords while writing your content. Using irrelevant and unnecessary keywords loses the quality and attractiveness of the content. Readers do not read such content with interest and quickly leave the site page. This problem affects your site’s ranking.

Google is moving towards smartness day by day. Google wants you to write unique and quality content that users will love.

Use related keywords for writing post
Use related keywords for writing a post

So you should use synonyms and related keywords for content writing so that you can write quality content.

If you want to write content that is very easy to read, use words similar to your focus keyword throughout the text. Because using the focus keyword repeatedly does not maintain the readability of the content. Using synonyms will make it easier for search engines to identify the content.

  1. Optimizing the length of your article:

Your post should be at least three hundred words. Instead of increasing your post length, focus on keeping it balanced. Although Google likes long articles, if your article is too long, your reader will inevitably get bored while reading it. Users leaving the site will also increase your site’s bounce rate which is annoying.

I would suggest you start writing long articles when you have become a skilled and professional content writer.

Optimizing the length of your article
Optimizing the length of your article

7۔ Internal Link Building of the content:

If you have written several posts on this topic before, don’t forget to link these posts together. Link building will strengthen all your new and old posts because you are showing authority on a subject. Link structure is considered very important for ranking a site in Google. Linking one post to another has a very positive impact on the site. This process of link building is called internal linking.

So make sure to work for link building even if it takes a lot of time.

Internal Link Building of the content
Internal Link Building of the content
  1. Get Help from other people to read your post:

Before you publish a post on your site, give it to another reader to read it and point out its flaws and mistakes. A post reader can help you a lot in correcting grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes. Also, the readability of the content and the text will be greatly improved.

If someone in your team is an expert in this task, it is a great thing. You must seek guidance from him. He can provide you with great tips and advice to improve your performance.

How to write Seo freindly blog
Get Help from other people to read your post
  1. Add Posts on your Site regularly:

Keep adding content to your site regularly and don’t become complacent. Posting regularly to the site will let Google know that your site is functional and working properly. If you don’t regularly add content to your site, Google will assume that your site is inactive. Google will crawl your site less. The result of this will be that your site’s ranking will decrease which will lead to loss.

You can post any kind of content on your site but keep in mind that your posted content should be of high quality and informative. If the content you post is of poor quality, your site will not rank.

How to write Seo freindly blog
Add Posts on your Site regularly
  1. Use a good SEO plugin:

Use a good SEO plugin to write good and quality content, it will improve your skills tremendously. Especially if you use the Yost SEO plugin, it will let you know about its strengths and weaknesses as soon as you put the blog post on the site. For example, if you have created a blog post about fashion designing, this plugin will give you a complete description of its SEO and readability as soon as you insert it into a Word Press site. So you can correct it and repost it.

How to write Seo freindly blog
Use a good SEO plugin


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