Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that is used to create computer programs. Artificial intelligence technology has the property that it can imitate human thinking. In recent years, the use of artificial intelligence technology has increased rapidly. Large companies and businesses are using this technology to improve productivity.

The best example of artificial intelligence is chat GPT which was introduced by Microsoft company in the year 2022. Microsoft has invested heavily in this project. According to an estimate, Microsoft Company has spent a lot of money ten billion dollars on this innovative project.

The company has received a very good response to this project and large multinational companies and large business groups are using Chat GPT.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has many benefits including time saving, automated content creation, and innovation in content writing. Technologists have also noted many disadvantages of AI, including job losses, discouragement of creativity, avoidance of scientific research, and high costs of expensive technology.

 However, experts say that the advantages of this technology are more than the disadvantages. Those who are discussing its disadvantages are mostly making arguments based on assumptions.

 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

1) AI removes human errors:

The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence technology is that it removes human errors. It is a fact that humans make a lot of mistakes in writing but the invention of AI has helped a lot in controlling these mistakes.

 It is now possible to create excellent and error-free content with artificial intelligence. AI-generated content is accurate and error-free. IT experts say that multinational companies need to use AI technology should be promoted otherwise they will lag behind their contemporaries in growth.

Using AI can avoid many of the mistakes that can be made by humans. For example, robots can easily be sent to radioactive areas using AI. While sending a human into the radiation areas can make him sick or even sick and die. So AI is a boon for such projects.

2) Services of AI Programs are available 24 hours a day:

AIK programs are available round the clock with which you can work at any time. While humans work only for eight hours and after that they get tired. Machines have this feature that they can work around the clock. For example, AI-powered chatbots are capable of working around the clock.

You can make these chatbots work according to your desired target by giving instructions according to your planning. Customers can be provided round-the-clock services with the help of catboats. Also, with the use of AI, multinational companies can rapidly increase their productivity.

3) AI programs can make impartial decisions:

AI programs can be a great help in unbiased decision-making. It is a fact that humans have biases in their decisions, but machine learning or AI does not so. For example, whether it is soliciting applications for a loan issuance program or running a prize draw, AI technology will provide you with accurate and unbiased results.

4) Repetitive tasks can be avoided with the help of AI:

No matter how exciting the job is, there are many repetitive tasks involved. This causes a lot of boredom for an employee. Doing the same job over and over again is very tiring. It includes many tasks like data entry, data analysis, report generation, and information verification. Using AI programs can avoid such boring tasks. With the help of AI programs, more tasks can be handled in less time and thus saving time can be spent on other tasks.

5) Reduction in business cost:

The use of AI programs definitely reduces business costs significantly, which significantly increases the profits of businesses. A project that requires many human beings to complete can easily be done by just one person with the help of AI programs. AI programs are always ready to work around the clock. AI can perform dangerous tasks easily.

6) AI is very helpful for data acquisition and analysis:

With the help of AI programs, maximum data can be obtained. AI tools are also very helpful for data analysis. Artificial Intelligence algorithms are more capable of generating data and analyzing it than humans. AI has provided amazing results in data processing.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Applying AI where there are many advantages can also cause many disadvantages. Therefore, it is not wise to implement AI programs immediately and hastily. Before formulating a strategy for implementing AI in business, its pros and cons should be carefully considered and then a decision made. The disadvantages of AI may increase with time. Or its maintenance costs may also increase abnormally.

  1. AI is very expensive to implement:

Launching AI programs in large businesses incurs huge costs, which increases the costs of the companies tremendously. Although it also brings many financial benefits to the companies, it still has difficulties in budgeting. According to an estimate, large multinational companies have to spend millions of dollars to implement AI programs.

Although these costs gradually decrease after the development of the business, but still companies have to face many problems in managing these costs. For example, the company spent several billion Dollars have been spent on Google Bard’s artificial intelligence program. Despite such a heavy budget, Google could not get success as per expectations. As a result, it has had to lay off thousands of its employees.

  1. AI lacks human-like creativity in decision-making:

The biggest drawback of AI technology is that it is unable to use its creativity in making decisions as humans do. AI programs can only provide solutions to the problems they are fed. AI technology is unable to solve modern and research problems. According to modern scientific research, the programs created with AI technology are currently not capable of solving creative problems like humans.

This technology may never be up to the task. AI cannot make decisions the way humans can. Technology experts say that AI programs will never be able to surpass humans in creativity because Allah has placed this ability only in humans to make thoughtful decisions. This means that despite all the progress, technology will continue to need human guidance.

  1. Degradation of technology programs:

Modern technology is very efficient in the beginning and its productivity is very high, but with the passage of time, it undergoes changes and its productivity decreases. For example, machines exhibit excellent performance initially but degrade as the machines age. If an AI program is installed in a machine, after some time some parts of that machine will start to fail.

 Repairing these parts will also require AI’s auto-repair function. If, by God’s will, this AI program does not have a repairing function, then this machine will become useless. All this discussion implies that programs created with AI technology will also remain useful as long as they are updated. Research work will be continued to do this otherwise they will become obsolete due to outdated technology.

  1. AI technology programs do not improve with experience:

 There is also a flaw in the programs created by technology that it is unable to learn anything from its experiences and mistakes. It is a great quality of humans that they learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating old mistakes over and over again.

 So far, there is no AI program in the market that can improve performance by revising its mistakes. In the future, Google is working on an AI program that can learn from its mistakes like humans and improve its performance.

  1. Fear of reduction in jobs:

After the invention of AI, some experts expressed fear that its implementation would lead to massive job losses and that many professionals would become unemployed. But this apprehension turned out to be unfounded and now technology experts are of the opinion that the implementation of AI technology will create many new jobs and there is no risk of jobless professionals.

  1. Ethical issues arising from the creation of AI:

People continue to raise various concerns about ethical issues following the creation and use of AI. The foremost issue among them is protecting the privacy of people’s data. AI programs have the ability to collect personal information data from different people.

 Even if they have not been given access to their data by people. People are very worried that their personal data has become completely unsafe with the advent of AI. They are demanding legislation to protect their data.

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Conclusion of Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence technology is a very useful invention that is going to revolutionize human life. It has many benefits including time saving, cost reduction, and other benefits. Technology experts say that in the future, AI technology programs will be installed in everything from electric cars to medical technology. Thus, AI technology will become an essential element in every sphere of life.

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